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Public Service Announcement
Free Chlorine Burnout of Water System
Leavenworth Waterworks will be implementing a Free Chlorine Burnout with the goal of maintaining the highest possible quality of water throughout our distribution system. This involves temporarily switching from chloramine disinfection to free chlorine disinfection. Additional fire hydrant flushing will take place to speed up this process and resume typical operations as quickly as possible. This Free Chlorine Burnout is scheduled for May 15th to June 19th.
You may experience the taste and smell of chlorine in the water. This is harmless and will subside as the flushing is completed. The water will remain safe to use for all purposes. Customers who use tap water for home kidney dialysis should consult their healthcare provider to advise them if any changes are necessary in their disinfection residual neutralization procedures. Customers using tap water in aquariums should consult their vendors for any necessary changes.
This may effect some of Lan-Del Water Patrons, for more info Free Chlorine Burnout | Leavenworth Waterworks (lvnwater.com)
New Payment Portal Available!
In addition to Electronic Funds Transfer for water bill payments, we now have a private, secure payment portal available for our customers. We must have your email account on file for you to create your portal access so please call or email us at office@lan-del.com so we can add your email to our system. Once we have an email on file, click on the Pay Your Water Bill link and follow the instructions to setup your new payment portal. Unlimited credit or debit cards as well as bank accounts may be stored in your private wallet. Lan-Del is not storing your payment methods, nor do we have access to any of your card or banking information. Please call our office with any questions.
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Service Information:
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Requires a signed contract.
Shut off Fee
During Business Hours
Turn Back On
After hours
15 Days or Less
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Tap Fee 3/4"
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Tap Fee 1 1/2"
Tap Fee 2"
1" or less Lan-Del will install tap.
1 1/2" or larger, Lan-Del supplies material only. Contractror supplies the tap, 3" or larger contractor supplies everything.